Sunday, December 28, 2014

Barn Swallows ... Courageous, Tame, and Devoted

by Adele Barger Wilson, author of Bonding with the Barn Swallows
Photos and text © 2014 Adele Wilson

Barn Swallows …
  • Their courage in choosing to nest so close to humans
  • Their amazing tameness toward humans
  • Their cooperative social patterns with each other
  • Their phenomenal abilities to swerve, swoop, and play in the air
  • Their steadfast devotion to their offspring
  • Their miraculous communications to humans

These are some of the many things that astonished me during my personal, up-close observations of these charming little birds while they nested on my porch.  If I hadn’t recorded my observations at the time, I would have forgotten how remarkable and often unfathomable they were.  Much of what I witnessed was so astounding that I probably would not have believed it by reading about it secondhand.
In my book, Bonding with the Barn Swallows, I describe all of the above and so much more.  You can read about the unexpected locations on which one beloved male Barn Swallow perched all night on my porch and why he perched there.  You can read about how that same Barn Swallow communicated specifically to me on two occasions, once through typical Barn Swallow twittering, and again by his body language on the utility wire while perched next to two other Barn Swallows.  You can read more about my intimate encounters with this particular Barn Swallow at

The book contains 186 pages and 117 color photos, many of which depict baby Barn Swallows in different stages of life.  There are also photos of the babies being fed by their parents.  The reader is treated to rare photos of juvenile Barn Swallows, nine to ten days after leaving the nest and after they have learned to feed themselves.  Their plumage differences are fascinating.

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