Saturday, November 29, 2014

$10 OFF Barn Swallow Book at Amazon, Expires Monday at midnight

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Do Barn Swallows communicate with humans?  Yes!  I developed an intimate relationship with one of the fourteen baby Barn Swallows who were hatched on my porch.  The baby returned the following spring, claimed the nest, and we became close friends. This is a true story!

The Barn Swallow who returned the following spring taught me that wild birds actually DO communicate with us, both vocally and by body language.  The message that he was conveying to me was borne out a few days later by an event that occurred.  You can read about that and much more in my book, Bonding with the Barn Swallows.

What a bargain!  $10 off the regular price of the book , but ONLY UNTIL 11:59 PM PST MONDAY, DECEMBER 1.  To purchase, just click on the image below, follow the instructions for purchasing, and enter "HOLIDAY30" at checkout under the "Gift cards & promotional codes" section.

Just click on the image to go to the Amazon page:

Hurry, this Amazon offer expires Monday night, December 1, at 11:59 pm Pacific Time, equivalent to Tuesday morning, December 2, 2:59 am Eastern Time.  For further information on the offer, you can go to Take an Extra 30% Off Any Book.

117 color photos, 186 pages, 21 chapters
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 Technical information:  This offer is for 30% off any print book that Amazon sells and ships.  The discount limit is $10.  Since 30% of the regular price is $10.62, the savings are $10.

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